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The SMX 12 was developed with one purpose: make the best waterfowl shotgun on the market today. Years in production, every detail of the SMX 12 has been looked at over and over with a hyper attention to detail. We have partnered with Black River Manufacturing to bring the most cutting edge materials and composites into the development of our shotgun. The result....PERFECTION backed by a no hassle LIFETIME WARRANTY.


Our patented SHOCK FORCE recoil technology is integrated into all our shotguns. With soft, medium and hard springs available you can dial in the perfect fit and comfort for your shotgun. Once you experience our SHOCK FORCE recoil system you won't want to shoot anything else. The ultimate recoil reduction system is here. Shoot light target loads to heavy 3 1/2" shells in comfort and stay on point for a faster follow up shot.

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We have partnered with Black River Manufacturing to create the best furniture available in the shotgun market today. Our composite furniture (available on certain models) is the lightest weight and durable furniture on the market today. We use the most advanced and cutting-edge materials available such as carbon fiber and kevlar. Our durability is unmatched and is available in different finishes. 


Our patented Fibertron front sight is an industry first. We have added an LED light source to the inside of our site to give the perfect subtle glow to our front sight. This makes for easy target acquisition and an extremely fast follow up shot. If you choose to not have the LED light powered on, the sight works great as a traditional fiber optic sight. Unlike traditional sights that are attached to the rib with a single threaded screw, our sights are built into a slot in the rib. This ensures you will never lose your sight and it will always have perfect alignment.

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Titan-X is our proprietary titanium coating that we use on our component parts. Titan-X provides unmatched lubricity and durability. Our bolts don't require oil and repel carbon. This will ensure your gun cycles flawlessly with minimal cleaning.